Immune Health; Mushrooms, Herbs & Diet for Everyday Immune Support

8th & 9th August 2023 – NO SPACES – SORRY
Location – Avebury Village & World Heritage Site

Summer time is the best time to prepare to get through the winter. The herbs and mushrooms that have traditionally been used to treat earache, sinus infections, colds, influenza, coughs, chest infections, chilblains, sore throats, bronchitis, pleurisy and many more complaints are abundant now and become difficult to obtain from the wild in the winter months when they are needed the most. In this course we will also discuss some basics about the immune system and look at how our lifestyle can be tweaked to assist with healthy immunity.

table of herbs

I had such a wonderful time on the ‘Immune Health Course’, staying in magical Avebury, and learning about the complex interactions that enable our immune system to protect us. How to optimise wellbeing using herbs and mushrooms, backed up by fascinating accounts of empirical research, a foraging expedition and the chance to sample and create our own remedies.

P. Maskell, course student

At the end of this 2 day course you will take home a suite of remedies (e.g; tinctures, oils, capsules, mushroom extracts, elixirs, vinegars, oxymels, teas) that can be used to bring relief from many common winter ailments and some nuts and bolts knowledge about how to maintain a healthy immune system.

herbs in baskets

As a course participant you will be taught how to forage and prepare wildcrafted ingredients using recognised preparation methods. You will learn about immune modulators, natural antibiotics and antivirals, decongestants, bronchodilators, expectorants, anti-tussives, diaphoretics, anti-pyretics, heating herbs and refrigerant herbs.

grinding herbs in a pestle and mortar

Learn about how to support the body to recover more quickly, to fight infection and to get the best chance to remain fighting fit through the hardest months of the year. Most importantly you will take home the first-hand knowledge of how to make more for future use.

herbal decoction

Light refreshments will be provided and the Red Lion inn is just a short walk away, providing competitively priced Saturday evening meals.

herb Jars

Course Details:

      • Location: Avebury Village and World Heritage Site, Wiltshire
      • 8th & 9th August 2023 – NO SPACES AVAILABLE
      • Cost: £200.00 per person
      • Excellent local B&B details can be provided on request

gift certificate is available if you would like to purchase this course for a friend.

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