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Fred Gillam (Fred the Forager) in the Media

Bryony Billson of Nature’s Larder TV interviews Fred Gillam


  • Appearing with Gino D’Acampo on ITV Countrywise (S.8, ep.11) “Foraging for Porcini”
  • Presenting to a 2,500 strong audience at Portsmouth Guildhall on what Otzi the Iceman has taught us about European hunter-gatherers
  • Talking on Radio 4’s Farming Today about edible wildflowers during #30dayswild
  • A guest appearance with Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine talking about the dangers of poisonous plants
  • Fred has appeared in regular features on seasonal foraging for the BBC Wiltshire team including shows by Marie Lennon, Emma Colman, Ben Prater and Sue Davies.

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Fred’s Media Diary

2018 – June episodes of Radio 4’s Farming Today programme featuring and celebrating our native wild flowers, including some common tasty and edible ones! Recorded by BBC’s Rebecca Rooney.

2018 – May 11th – Fred was recorded by BBC Wiltshire’s Rebecca Rooney for 4 short episodes on Spring Foraging. With the lilac in full bloom, highlights included how to make a delicious floral lilac syrup, identification of the magnificent dryad’s saddle mushroom and the uses of spring herbs to bring the body back into health after a long cold winter.

2017 – August 26th – Fred was televised by Simply Good Food TV on the Foodfair Live Stage at Chris Evan’s Carfest South, demonstrating a sauté of wild mushrooms to create great canapes and answering audience questions about foraging and the growing popularity of wild food.

2017 – Episodes throughout August –  The Do’s & Don’ts of Forest Foraging (6 part series). Fred was interviewed live in the woods for BBC Wiltshire in his favourite ancient woodland habitat, where he told the listeners about the range of delicious wild foods available in August, how to forage for them safely and how to look after the environment. He also addressed a number of topical newsworthy questions on foraging and nature conservation.

2017 – March 22nd –  What Otzi the Iceman Knew. Fred gave a talk about the sophisticated life of Otzi, the ice-mummy discovered in the Otztal alps of the Austrian Tyrol, to a 2,500 strong Portsmouth Guildhall audience at the Hampshire WI AGM. Fred later repeated this talk at Salisbury City Hall for the Wiltshire WI AGM.

2016 – November 25th – ITV Countrywise, Series 8 – episode 11. Fred met with Chef Gino D’Acampo for a porcini hunt and al fresco dine-out in the Woodland Trust managed Wormley Woods National Nature Reserve, Hertfordshire!

2016 – November 7th – BBC Wiltshire. BBC Wiltshire’s Ben Prater found some mushrooms in his garden. Fred came in to the studio for the breakfast show to ID them… they turned out to be the largest organism on planet earth – Honey fungus, and tasty too!

2016 – September Ed. – The Herbalist. Fred’s article entitled Native Medicinal Mushrooms gave an overview of the importance of the medicinal use of fungi in the run up to the UK Medicinal Mushrooms Conference in November.

2016 – August 26th to 28th – Chris Evan’s Carfest. Fred appeared on the Kitchen Live stage, sauteing wild – chanterelles and black trumpets – which were sampled to a large audience with the support of The Wild Side of Life team.

2016 – June 9th – BBC Wiltshire. Fred popped into the BBC Wiltshire Wiltshire Studio to cook a foraged surprise meal for the newsdesk team, live on air!

2016 – June Ed. – Wiltshire Life Magazine. Fred The Forager aka Fred Gillam was interviewed by Claire Waring for a double page My Wiltshire feature where he talked about his love of the land and his upbringing in the North Wessex Downs of Wiltshire.

2016 – January 12th – BBC Wiltshire. BBC’s Emma Colman and Fred the Forager took a stroll around the Swindon’s majestic Lydiard Country Park and found tripe fungus, unseasonally early gourmet shoots and much more besides.

2015 – October Ed. – Vegetarian Living Magazine, On the Toadstool Trail. Alice Whitehead listens as Fred the Forager looks back on more than 30 years of hunting for wild mushrooms.

2015 – 24th September – BBC Wiltshire. In the lead up to National Fungus Day Marie Lennon and I walked in the woods together chatting about the various edible and poisonous mushrooms that we found on the way as I offered advice for safe and sustainable mushroom foraging.

2015 – Liz Earle’s Wellbeing Magazine, Autumn Ed. Fred the Forager & The Wild Side of Life received a welcome plaudit in Liz Earle’s hit lifestyle magazine alongside her fascinating interview with Antonio Carluccio on mushroom foraging.

2015 – July 28th – BBC Wiltshire. ‘Marie has a terrible cold’ was recorded to show listeners how they could use simple ingredients from the hedgerow to create a vitamin C rich syrup to help support the body with colds and flu, with presenter Emma Colman.

2015 – 9th July – BBC Wiltshire. I spent the morning with Emma Colman of BBC Wiltshire, investigating the ‘First Fruits of Summer’ and the plants that can be used as food and medicine at this time of the year.

2015 – June 28th – Nature’s Larder TV. I participated in a showreel (interviewed by presenter Bryony Billson) created for the prospective new TV series on wild food by director Dominic Morgan of Nature’s Larder TV.

2014 – 26th October – BBC Wiltshire. A feature on mushroom foraging recorded at the Rose & Crown, Ashbury, where participants on one of my forays were about to sit down to a wild mushroom meal. I was able to highlight the importance of mushroom conservation and sustainable foraging, following a series of articles in The Guardian and The Independent focusing upon the impact of commercial foragers.

2014 – October – The Bohemian Mojo Project (article here). Fred Gillam teamed up with Dr. Stephanie Shelburne, Alun Rees, Majken Smith and Dr. Michelle Lamasa-Schrader for their special project in the bronze-age landscape of Wiltshire and Oxfordshire. 

2014 – 21st October – Swindon 105.5. Speaking to the Swindon Community about the mushroom foraging, the risks from poisonous mushrooms and the benefits of eating mushrooms as part of a balanced diet.

2014 – 10th October – BBC Radio 2 – I made an appearance on Jeremy Vine Show where I was asked to offer insight into an alleged recent increase in mushroom poisonings by the national press, and whether or not this was linked to the foraging trend.

2014 – 31st August – BBC Wiltshire. I made a guest appearance on Marie Lennon’s ‘Wild About Wiltshire’ show where I spoke about the national controversy raging over the rare corncockle plant, reported in The Telegraph as being a public health hazard.

2014 – 1st August – Recorded live at the Green Gathering for ‘The People’s Radio’, talking to presenter Dr. Rock about the use of herbs in indigenous cultures and the latest research and discoveries about medicinal mushrooms.

2013 – BBC Countryfile Magazine. The Secret Sunday Mushroom Club was rated number 7 in the UK’s Top 10 Foraging Courses.

2013 – Wiltshire Life Magazine, Foraging with The Secret Sunday Mushroom Club. in Wiltshire Life Magazine. Join journalist Liz Boden with Fred Gillam in her first-hand account of The Secret Sunday Mushroom Club.

2013 – I spoke with People’s Radio presenter ‘Synchro’ about the illustrious history of the Celtic Tree Ogham in ‘The Secret Language of Trees’.

2013 – BBC Wiltshire – At the ‘Summer of Wildlife‘ event, hosted by Marie Lennon I took 60 people ranging from 3 to 85 years old on urban wild food foraging walks and the foraging action recorded live.

2013 –  BBC Wiltshire – I played a part in an expert panel hosted by Marie Lennon to discuss the first stirrings of spring and the seasonal changes to ecology and wildlife that occur each year.

2012 – BBC Wiltshire – Interviewed live in the woods at Spye Park for the Radio Wiltshire Saturday show, in a feature about learning to forage for wild mushrooms that went on to link spending time in the natural world with improved wellbeing.

2012 – Radio Sandy Springs Atlanta – A one hour guest appearance on America’s Home Grown Veggie Show interviewed by master horticulturalist Kate Copsey. I appeared as Fred the Forager and spoke to the American public about foraging for wild foods and medicines, the impact of climate change, pollution and uncontrolled development, the ethics and the laws surrounding foraging.

2009 – BBC News West – I was Interviewed by the BBC regional television news team for a short feature on the award winning Wiltshire Wellbeing Project which I established at the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. The project provided (until closure in 2015) therapeutic nature based activities for individuals recovering from various mental health issues.

Guest appearances on ITV ‘News West’ and BBC Radio on behalf of the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers / Great Western Community Forest.

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