Seashore Foraging Days in Spring

Come and join our next Spring Seashore Foraging Day which will be held on Thursday 28th March 2024 near Woolacombe in North Devon.

  • 10:30 to 5:00 including foraged canapes and foraged liqueurs at the end of the day
  • Cost: £85.00 per person
Sugar kelp by Cwmhiraeth

Sugar kelp – photographed n by Cwmhiraeth, CC by SA 3.0

The choice of this early date is connected with the phases of the moon and the spring equinox, which will bring us, for a few days, some of the lowest tides of the year at a time when many seaweeds are just putting on their tastiest tenderest spring growth. We generally only run one day like this per year, at about this time, so we are sorry if you are unable to make it. You may have to wait a year for the next opportunity!

A selection of delicious edible seaweeds

We will be foraging the entire intertidal zone, where goodies like pepper dulse, rock samphire, laver, red thongweed and sugar kelp are abundant, and also hunting for delicious seashore and cliff edge plants like sea beet, rock samphire, sea rocket, navelwort and sandwort! We will sample some of our harvest in the form of (plant / seaweed based) canapes at the end of the day, all served up with foraged liqueurs, and for those who are not vegetarian / vegan, there may be the chance to try some shellfish, providing that we find them in abundance, otherwise we will be leaving them strictly alone!

To book your place, please email, with “SEASHORE” in the subject line. I hope to meet you there!

Fred the Forager