Our Field Medicine & Survival Camp

A weekend of field medicine, plantlore, bushcraft & survival skills held in a picturesque and unspoiled wooded valley in the southern Cotswolds, camping in a wood by a beautiful flowing stream.

  • 20th & 21st august
    Ragmill Wood, Wiltshire

fire starting

blowing an ember created in a tinder bundle into life


  • TINDER: Selection of different plants and fungi for firelighting tinders that can be used for matchless firelighting, includes making a simple tinder box to take home.
  • TIMBER: The lore of firewood – which trees provide the best woods to burn for different situations, and how to recognise them all in the field, will be discussed at length.
  • STRING: Selecting and preparing different wild plants for making cordage which can be used to lash together items, make belts, nets, straps, etc. You will learn to make simple but very strong cordage from tree bark for yourself.
  • HERBAL HEALERS: Learn how to quickly use and apply medicinal plants and fungi internally, topically, as dressings and as fumigants to promote healing and deal with cuts, abrasions, chafing sores, minor lacerations, allergic reactions, insect bites and more. This knowledge could make any wilderness survival situation much more bearable but under some circumstances it could actually be a life-saver. You will also make a herbal injury balm to take home.
  • POISONOUS PLANTS: How to tell hemlock from cow parsley, monkshood from mugwort, etc., and avoid picking our most poisonous plants by accident while out foraging for food! Our course location has a wealth of poisonous species making this the ideal opportunity to learn to identify them.
  • WILD FOOD STAPLES: Wild foods will be identified, discussed and eaten throughout the 2 day course!

With an emphasis on practical exploration, all methods used will be explained first and you will be supervised while you learn to carry them out successfully.


testing the strength of some plant fibre cordage

Nature should not be viewed as hostile force. Nature is our best friend when approached with respect, supplying us with all that we need to live. Once some basic skills are applied we can learn to live comfortably and safely in the wild.

herbs being ground

Preparing a herbal balm from wild ingredients


Delicious basic meals will be provided, cooked fresh in camp. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements or are vegetarian. You will need to bring your own snacks to keep you going in between meals and you must bring food for your evening meal if you plan to arrive on the Thursday night before the course.

Your style of camping will be up to you! There is a small grassy open space where you can pitch a tent, or alternatively go and find a spot to put up your basha or hammock in the woods.

cooking hearth

A large pan of stew swinging over the cooking hearth


Adults £225.00 per person


Ragmill Wood, Slaughterford, Wiltshire

Please contact Fred@thewildsideoflife.co.uk to make enquiries