The UK Medicinal Mushroom Conference

3rd & 4th November 2018
Stanton House Hotel, Stanton Fitzwarren, Wiltshire: 

Artist's fungus 

Artist's fungus, Ganoderma applanatum / australe
A cousin of the popular reishi mushroom. Containing more than 400 phytochemicals and with a long history of medicinal use, its properties are regarded as hepatoprotective, immune modulating, anti-fibrotic, anti-cancer, hypo-glycaemic and anti-oxidant.

  • The articles below are intended as introductory material. You are welcome to download and use them for educational purposes but full citation must be given recognising the author and the publications where they are found. Details of this year's conference can be found below.
Download here...Click here to download the article 'Native Medicinal Mushrooms - An overview of their therapeutic potential'
by Fred Gillam,
published in 'The Herbalist' - journal of the Association of Master Herbalists and the Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners, September 2016.
Download here...A Tale of Mushrooms & Gluten Sensitivity - Can mushrooms help with gluten sensitivity? Check out Fred Gillam's latest article on this topic in the Sensory Solutions herbal blog, August 2017.

Speakers confirmed for 2018 so far:

Roger Phillips Conference Opening.

Roger is a mycologist and author of many books on plants and fungi. His book "Mushrooms & Other Fungi Of Great Britain and Europe" needs no introduction to mushroom foragers and he has recently released a new hardback edition of "Wild Food". Roger will be opening our conference this year and leading on the fungus walk in the ancient woodland and parkland surrounding the conference venue on the Sunday. We are very grateful for Roger's continued valuable support of our work.

Roger has authored more than 30 books including: Wild Food (2014), Mushrooms and Other Fungi of North America (2010), Mushrooms and Other Fungi of Great Britain and Europe (2006), Wild Flowers of Britain (1983), Trees in Britain, Europe and North America (1978).

Philip Schuler - Practical Methods in Mycological Research.

Drawing from his own current research project, Philip will talk about the practical methods used in current mycological research.

Philip's talk will focus on techniques useful for the study of the chemistry and biology of fungi (including medicinal research), as well as future perspectives for the field, giving us a very valuable window of insight into the practices that are being used to investigate and develop the medicinal potential of mushrooms.

Philip is a PhD student at the University of East Anglia who researches the chemistry and biology of truffle species.

Melissa Waddingham - The Medicinal Properties of Truffles.

Melissa is a well known truffle hunter here in the UK and she will be presenting a review of the medicinal properties of truffles, based both upon current medical research and the knowledge of traditional healing practices.

Recent research has demonstrated the presence of natural anti-inflammatory endocannabinoids in truffles. The discovery of unique anti-viral lectins in some truffle species that exhibit inhibitory activity towards the ebola virus and HIV, is also reason enough to put truffles firmly on the menu for further investigation as medicinal agents.

James Scrivens - A Permaculture Approach to Growing Medicinal Mushrooms in Your Own Back Yard.

James is a permaculturalist and mushroom grower in the Brecon Beacons at the 70 acre Agroecology Land Trust woodland action research project at Coed Talylan.

James has been developing some successful methods for outdoor production that can be incorporated into forest garden / permaculture design elsewhere and last year he wowed the conference audience with his stunning and vibrant log-grown turkey tail mushrooms. As a result many people have requested to learn more about non-intensive methods for 'grow it yourself' medicinal mushrooms. 

Julie and Matthew Bruton-Seal - Exploring Mushroom Essences.

Julie and Matthew have been developing a range of experimental British mushroom essences and will share their methods and findings with us. The Bach Flower Essences are probably the best-known essences, and are mainly used to work with people on an emotional level. Since Dr Bach's time, many other people have made essences, mainly from plants. Julie uses essences widely in her practice and finds them to be an effective compliment to herbal treatments. 

Julie is a naturopathic herbalist, a Fellow of the Association of Master Herbalists and former editor of The Herbalist. She is currently the chair of the Herbal History Research Network and has a natural health practice in South Norfolk.

Julie and her husband Matthew have written five books together on herbal medicine:
Wayside Medicine: Forgotten Plants and How to Use Them (2017); The Herbalist's Bible: John Parkinson's Lost Classic Rediscovered (2014); Make Your Own Aphrodisiacs (2012); Kitchen Medicine (2010); and Hedgerow Medicine (2008).

Fred Gillam & Natascha Kenyon will read...
"News Headlines: Exploring Recent Clinical Trials and Research Papers in the Public Domain"

The Sunday Morning Medicinal Mushroom ID walk
This will be led by Roger Phillips, Matthew Rooney and Fred Gillam around the Stanton Park estate.



medicinal mushrooms 01

A small selection from the range of medicinal mushrooms found in the UK: (left to right) Chaga, Inonotus obliquus, maitake, Grifola frondosa, tinder hoof, Fomes fomentarius and jelly ear, Auricularia auricula-judae


 Last Year's Conference Speakers were: 

In 2017 in addition to the voices of scientists and health practitioners, we represented the perspectives of indigenous cultures who have a long history of working with mushrooms as healers. Many of today's medicinal discoveries were guided by their knowledge in the first instance.

Roger Phillips - Conference Opening.
Roger is the author of "Mushrooms and Other Fungi of Britain and Europe" and a suite of other books on botany and plants. Roger will be opening our conference this year and also leading on the fungus walk in the ancient woodland and parkland surrounding the conference venue on the Sunday. We are very grateful for Roger's continuing valuable support of our work.

Martin Powell
- Medicinal Mushrooms - Quality & Efficacy. Martin is a TCM practitioner, biochemist & the author of "Medicinal Mushrooms, a Clinical Guide". Martin will be giving us an overview of the essential biochemistry of medicinal mushrooms, incorporating some of the latest up to date research.

Attila Fodi - Medicinal Mushrooms of the Carpathian Basin.
Attila is a mycologist and mushroom inspector in Hungary. He will be talking about the traditional healing uses of mushrooms in his native country and the subject material of his book entitled "Medicinal Mushrooms of the Carpathian Basin".

Matthew Rooney - How Mushrooms Can Heal The Earth.
Matthew is an ecologist and biodynamic mushroom grower who supplies medicinal mushrooms to many health practitioners in the UK. His talk is a timely look at the key relationship between mushrooms and other living systems.

Fred Gillam - The Role of Fungi in the Enteric Biome.
Fred is a keen forager, herbalist, researcher and the author of "Poisonous Plants in Great Britain". His talk will explore the relationship between basic immune processes in the human body and the human microbiome, suggesting a variety of important roles for fungi in promoting health and preventing disease.

Adam Hearn - Human Fungal Interactions in Indigenous Cultures.
As a medical anthropologist, Adam has made a study of the healing practices found within indigenous cultures and how these are dependent upon their relationships to the natural world. His thought provoking talk explores the use of fungi to promote health and healing taking place within frameworks and perspectives that are intrinsically bound to the cycles of nature, that may also at times be very be different to our own.

Becs Griffiths & Annwen Jones - The Use of Medicinal Mushrooms in Our Herbal Community Practice.
Annwen and Becs run the Rhizome Community Herbal Clinic in Bristol. They will share with us some of their reflections on the practical experience of using mushrooms in synergy with herbal medicines to promote healing from a range of conditions.

Natascha Kenyon - Kitchen Medicinal Mushroom Extracts.
Natascha and Fred run a community based herbal dispensary for the village community where they both live. Her workshop session will be on making
broad spectrum mushroom extracts and showing how this can be done effectively even with the basic facilities found in a typical home kitchen.

Fred Gillam & Natascha Kenyon will also read the news.
"News Headlines: What's Hot from Recent Scientific Research in the Public Domain"

The Sunday Morning Medicinal Mushroom ID walk
This will be led by Roger Phillips, Matthew Rooney and Fred Gillam around the Stanton Park estate


Knowledge of the use of medicinal mushrooms is found in many indigenous cultures around the world, from Siberia and Tibet to North and South America. Large sums of money are currently invested by the pharmaceutical industry each year to research their medicinal potential. Globally, medicinal mushrooms are finding a place in the treatment of a widening spectrum of conditions including psoriasis, herpes, gut-dysbiosis, neuromuscular pain, cancer, auto-immune problems, tuberculosis and diabetes; to learn more, book your conference ticket today...

Stanton House Hotel is set within 183 acres of mature landscaped parkland and ancient woodland, providing the ideal setting for our Sunday Medicinal Mushroom ID Walk at the conference!

chaga mushroom interior

The medicinally active interior of the chaga sclerotica, Inonotus obliquus

Mini Market

Satan's boletus 

Satan's boletus - original artwork by Andrew Brook

At this year's mini market you will be able to buy mushroom supplies, mushroom based materials, mushroom growing kits, mushroom knives, mushroom foraging related materials, mushroom portraits and books signed by the authors! We will be showcasing the work of our resident mushroom artist, Andrew Brook, who will have limited edition prints for sale. Herbalists Julie and Matthew Bruton-Seal will also have copies of their latest fabulous book available, entitled "Wayside Medicine: Forgotten Plants and How to Use Them".

 Horn of plenty

 Horn of plenty - original artwork by Andrew Brook

The Fourth UK Medicinal Mushrooms Conference:

With leading speakers and authors, the UK Medicinal Mushrooms Conference will take you to the cutting edge of a fast developing field for health practitioners and researchers. New information about fungi that will change the way we look at health and the biology of living systems is emerging all of the time at what seems to be an ever increasing rate.

For practitioners, a CPD Certificate of Attendance will be available after the conference upon request.

 2018 TICKETS:

Book early to avoid disappointment - the tickets have sold out every year!

COST: £170.00 per person / £120.00 unwaged:

To book a place at the conference now, please
email: to secure your place, stating whether you are employed / unwaged or in higher education.

Accommodation & meals: 

  • Accommodation in the area must be booked and paid for independently before the conference and is not included in the conference fee. Our venue, the majestic Stanton House Hotel, has a limited number of rooms available to delegates on a first come, first served basis. Early booking is recommended!

  • The Rosemary Restaurant within the venue will be providing a range of meals to suit all tastes throughout the conference. Note - there is no special delegates rate for food this year but you are welcome to bring a packed lunch to consume in the conference hall as an alternative to the regular hotel menu if you wish. Tea and coffee will be provided during the breaks throughout both days.

  • If you require somewhere to stay during the conference the venue has rooms available at a special delegates' rate. There are also some other excellent B&B's and hotels in the locality if these rooms are sold out at the time of booking. NOTE: All rooms at the venue MUST be vacated by 10.00 AM prompt on the day of departure and there is a STRICT no smoking policy inside the venue and hotel rooms.