The UK Medicinal Mushroom Conference

18th & 19th November 2017
WILTSHIRE: Guest speakers to be announced

 Honey Fungus

The honey fungus, Armillaria mellea, photographed in Enfield, UK.
(Photo courtesy of Stu's Images [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

Download here...Click here to download the article 'Native Medicinal Mushrooms - An overview of their therapeutic potential'
by Fred Gillam,
published in 'The Herbalist' - journal of the Association of Master Herbalists and the Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners, September 2016.
Download here...2016 Medicinal Mushrooms Conference Brochure

Knowledge of the use of medicinal mushrooms is found in many indigenous cultures around the world, from Siberia and Tibet to North and South America
. Large sums of money are currently being invested by the pharmaceutical industry in the development of research into their medical potential. Globally, mushrooms are finding a place in the treatment of the major human diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis and diabetes; want to learn more?

medicinal mushrooms 01

A small selection from the range of medicinal mushrooms found in the UK: (left to right) Chaga, Inonotus obliquus, maitake, Grifola frondosa, tinder hoof, Fomes fomentarius and jelly ear, Auricularia auricula-judae

Take a look at the speakers from 2016:

Roger Phillips: Mushrooms - Harmful or Helpful? In this year's opening talk, Roger will discuss whether primitive fear of mushrooms is exaggerated; as there are hundreds of mushrooms that are beneficial to health and only a few that can cause serious upset or damage. Roger is the well known author of a suite of botanical volumes including the seminal text "Mushrooms and other Fungi of Great Britain and Europe". Website Roger's Mushrooms. Roger will also be leading on the fungus walk on the Sunday.

Martin Powell: Medicinal Mushrooms - Nature's Biofactories. Martin will explore the range of compounds produced by mushrooms and their effect in the human body. With so much research on the biological effects of fungi and fungal extracts now becoming available, Martin will attempt to de-mystify some the chemistry and shed clarity onto some of the claims that have been made, enabling practitioners to work with mushrooms in an informed way. Martin is the author of "Medicinal Mushrooms - A Clinical Guide", a biochemist and Lecturer in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of Westminster. Martin Powell's website.

Cristina Cromer: Towards a Holistic View of the Immune System. Cristina is a medical herbalist and former Lecturer in BSc Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster with a special interest in the immune system. Her talk will focus on her direct experience of assisting people with somatic disorders, drawing us to examine the link between the way a person experiences dis-ease and the way that it manifests physically as a process. With a nod to the science, Cristina will be looking at people, plants and fungi as whole organisms, rather than from a reductionist perspective.

Jesper Launder: The Clinical Application of Medicinal Mushrooms. Jesper has 15 year's of experience in wild crafting remedies from medicinal mushrooms. He will be sharing the insights gained from this practice; insights into the collection and preparation of fungi, together with his experience of using fungi with patients in a clinical context. Jesper is a medical herbalist with an active interest in using medicinal mushrooms in his holistic herbal practice.

chaga mushroom interior

The medicinally active interior of the chaga sclerotica, Inonotus obliquus

Sunday Morning Mushroom ID Walk, led by Roger Phillips, Matthew Rooney and Fred Gillam.

Fred Gillam and Natascha Kenyon: Medicinal Mushrooms in the Community Herbal Dispensary. Fred and Natascha operate a community based herbal dispensary on a voluntary basis for the small community where they live, using medicinal mushrooms and herbs side by side to facilitate healing in a wide range of circumstances. They will share their experiences of working with the people and the mushrooms, and they will also share the method for making a simple broad-spectrum mushroom extract. Fred is the author of Poisonous Plants in Great Britain, and teaches foraging courses and herbal weekends at The Wild Side of Life.

Matthew Rooney: A look at the biochemical and biological differences between naturally obtained medicinal mushrooms and those obtained from intensive fungiculture. Recently, the standardisation of mushroom products based solely on beta-glucans content has been called into question. As a cultivator of wild strains of fungi on naturally occurring host substrates, and as a forager, Matthew will take us into a journey where all might not be as it seems on the label. Matthew is an ecologist and Demeter certified biodynamic cultivator of edible and medicinal mushrooms at Mushroom Table.

Andrew Brook: Enter the Endophytes. Andrew will discuss endophytic relationships and the implication they hold for healthy living systems. An endophytic organism lives within another without causing harm to either. The two may operate as one, obtaining mutual benefit. A complete revision of perspective on the health of natural living ecosystems is taking place, including that of the human biome - the organisms that co-exist within the space occupied by our bodies which have a profound effect on our health and wellbeing. Andrew is an educator and the founder of The Greenside Mushroom Project in Bradford, Leeds.

Mini Market

Satan's boletus 

Satan's boletus - original artwork by Andrew Brook

There will be a mini market where you will be able to buy mushroom supplies, mushroom based materials, mushroom growing kits, mushroom knives, mushroom foraging related materials, mushroom portraits and mushroom books signed by the authors! We will also be showcasing the work of our resident mushroom artist, Andrew Brooke, who will have limited edition prints for sale of his work. Andrew is also able to carry out commission art work on request. Take a look at some of Andrew's beautiful work.

 Horn of plenty

 Horn of plenty - original artwork by Andrew Brook

The Third UK Medicinal Mushrooms Conference:

With leading speakers and authors, a fungus walk led by experienced field mycologists and a mini-market (see below) where you can obtain mushroom supplies and author signed copies of the books that you will need, this year's UK Medicinal Mushroom Conference will take you to the cutting edge of a fast developing field for practitioners and researchers. New information that will change the way we look at health and the world is emerging all of the time.

For practitioners, CPD Certificates will be available for a small admin fee after the conference.

 2017 ICKETS: £tba per person

£tba unwaged or student

Conference Bookings:

To book a place at the conference now, please
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  • Accommodation in the area must be booked and paid for independently before the conference and is not included in the conference fee

  • If you require somewhere to stay whilst attending the conference there are a number of excellent B&Bs and hotels in the locality