On our Tree Ogham Woodland Camp you will spend two days camping in beautiful native woodland, learning about the history and the mystery of the Celtic Tree 'alphabet' known as the Ogham.


The Ogham is an early British 'alphabet' that was used by the Western Britons, the Irish and the Picts. Each letter bears the name of a native tree in old Gaelic, and the trees as a whole comprise a magical wheel or compass. It was used historically for making inscriptions, and for mystical purposes, and parallels the use of runic alphabets by the Germanic tribes who settled in these islands.

Ogham sticks

The course will begin with an introductory talk on the history and use of the Ogham. The main body of the course will then involve learning practical techniques (in a beautiful native woodland setting) for using the Ogham as a doorway to contemplation, mystical understanding and personal transformation. The emphasis will be on direct experience and reflection as a foundation for future self healing work. In this amazing woodland location there will be ample opportunity to meet and develop a living connection with the trees themselves, and also with the living tradition over which they preside.

2 Day Course (10AM Saturday to 2.30 PM Sunday)  

Cost: £185  per person

Date: To be confirmed

Location: Ragmill Wood, Slaughterford, Wiltshire 

Two places are also available on a "pay what you can afford" basis - please enquire if you need assistance.

To book a place, please contact; Fred@thewildsideoflife.co.uk

COST INCLUDES: Basic overnight camping in beautiful woods and a light lunch on the Saturday and Sunday.  You will need to bring food for your other meals and snacks to keep you going.  A cooking fire will be provided.

Sets of Ogham staves are available at a reduced cost of £10.00 should anyone not wish to make their own after the course.