Herbal Remedies Workshop 3:
Medicinal Mushrooms
Weekend of 17th & 18th February 2018
Location - Avebury Village & Megalithic Stone Circle

Creating remedies from wild and cultivated medicinal mushrooms. 


Turkey tail mushroom, Trametes versicolor, is licensed for the treatment of certain types of cancer in North America and Japan when used along with conventional therapies. It is non-toxic and promotes immune system health and recovery.

During this weekend you will be introduced to some mushroom ID skills as we pick and gather medicinal fungi from the woodlands and hedgerows of Wiltshire; using them together with biodynamically grown rarer species to create supplements that assist the body to cope with conditions such as joint inflammation, herpes virus, poor immunity, colds and flu, elevated cholesterol levels and more. All of the mushrooms that we will use on this course are regarded as non-toxic.

Chaga coffee 

A nice cup of chaga mushroom coffee, Inonotus obliquus, brewing on the stove! Rich in anti-oxidants, betulinic acid from the birch tree and mushroom polysaccharides, chaga has been used to assist the body to fight infections, certain types of cancer, psoriasis and herpes, promoting good general health and vitality. 

Over recent years research has demonstrated a range of beneficial actions that can be attributed to medicinal mushrooms. Certain mushrooms have been shown to provide measurable beneficial effects in managing blood sugar levels, cholesterol metabolism, appetite and immunity as well as providing a superb range of nutritional benefits. Medicinal mushrooms are being used in the treatment, management and prevention of a wide variety of conditions around the world and even to help the body to fight serious illnesses such as tuberculosis and certain cancers.

Lion's mane, Hericium erinaceus

Biodynamic Lion's Mane capsules being created... this mushroom stimulates nerve growth factor production so can be a useful food supplement where nerve damage is present.

Time will be taken to talk about the medical implications of using medicinal mushrooms as food supplements, the contra-indications, limits and when NOT to rely on self-treatment but to seek professional medical advice.

 Sustainably harvested chaga
Freshly sustainably harvested chaga, Inonotus obliquus, ready for drying.

...in the evening you can take a guided walk around the Avebury landscape. 

As a participant you will take home a selection of hand made mushroom based remedies. Most importantly you will be taking away first-hand knowledge of how to re-create them for yourself for future use.

A light lunch-time meal will be provided on both the Saturday and Sunday and the Red Lion pub is just a short walk from the course venue, providing a competitively priced menu for a Saturday evening meal. A guided walk around the stone circle will be available on Saturday evening by request.

Course Details: 

  • Location: Avebury World Heritage Site, Wiltshire
  • Dates: from 9.30AM Saturday 17th February to 4.30PM Sunday 18th February 2018
  • Cost: £180.00 per person, includes a light lunch on both days (the Red Lion pub nearby serves food in the evening)
  • Local B&B and camping details can be provided on request

gift voucher is also available if you would like to purchase this course for a friend.

To secure your place on this activity packed medicinal mushroom weekend, please email Fred@thewildsideoflife.co.uk