Spring Shoots & Mushrooms Discovery Day

Saturday 4th May 2019

Magnificent St. George's Mushrooms traditionally fruit around the feast of St. George (23rd April) and they continue to appear for a month or so afterwards, sometimes up to mid-June.


With a solid consistency and a robust flavour they are valued as a gourmet mushroom in many European markets and in France they are sold under the name of 'mousseron', a name that they share with the fairy ring champignon or 'petit mousseron', a somewhat smaller mushroom that is also much sought after. There's a good chance we may find some of these together with a wide variety of delicious spring shoot and leaf vegetables, such as hogweed shoots, wild garlic and Jack-by-the-hedge.


On this fun day out you will learn to recognise the plants and mushrooms that we find from their key identification features and you will also be taught to recognise the habitats where you can expect to find them in the future. We will be cooking a delicious meal al fresco with our freshly gathered wild food ingredients and we will dine together in the open air with a glass or two of organic champagne. Simply fantastic!


You can learn a little more about the St. George's mushroom in this article from Fred the Forager's Blog: St. George's Mushroom in Fred the Forager's Blog

Dates available: 

Saturday 4th May 2019

Time: 10.30AM to 4.30PM

Location: Wiltshire, to be finalised according to where spring mushrooms and plants are plentiful during the lead up the course!

Cost: £75.00 per person. A gift voucher is also available if you would like to buy this course as a present. To book a place email Fred@thewildsideoflife.co.uk