Some other useful and interesting pages that I have found

Identifying Fungi Roger Phillips website.

Check out Roger's book "Mushrooms" on Amazon, the only mushroom book I recommend on safety grounds:

Other Foragers (ok...they're the competition but they are good)

Herbal Medicine and Wild Crafting Herbs ... Eclectic herbalist Kiva Rose on becoming a herb worker ...home of Sarah Head's Herbal Apprenticeship Programme ...a SUPER information site!

Life, food and all things wholesome and good

The inspiring Bohemian Mojo Project

Spirituality and Folklore ...The wonderful folkloric and mythological blog of Shani Oates. Highly recommended.

Blacksmithing and Metalsmithing ...John Bevis is one of a very small number of traditional toolsmiths in the UK. He is a bronze medal holder of The Woshipful Company of Blacksmiths and can make knives, billhooks and green woodcraft tools to order from original antique patterns. His work is highly recommended!

Links to Bed and Breakfast for stays in Wiltshire:
(be sure to mention The Wild Side of Life)


Manor Farm Bed & Breakfast, Slaughterford 
(closest to our coracle building and pewter smithing courses) 

Avebury Life, Avebury Trusloe, near Marlborough

Avebury Heart Centre , Avebury, near Marlborough

Dorwyn Manor, Avebury, near Marlborough

Silbury House, Avebury, near Marlborough